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WRITERS MONTHLY PDF is an electronic
magazine for writers of fiction, nonfiction
and poetry. Individual authors are responsible
for their own copyrights. After publication
here, all rights are returned to the authors.


If you've been sent to this page, we've
asked you to be a featured author for
a future cover of Writers Monthly PDF.


Please note:
We do not pay our featured authors, but it is
free publicity. You will receive a free copy of
the issue you are in, and are encouraged to
share that issue with family, friends, and fans.


What we need for your feature article:

* 1000 to 1500 words written in first person about
yourself and your journey as an author, including any
advice for other authors, edited and ready to print.
* 4 to 6 .jpg images: a headshot, pics of you doing
something writerly, your books, research trips, etc.
* Descriptive snippets of 25 words or less per photo
* A bio written in third person. Since the main article
is about you, the bio should be 125 words or less.
* Please include your contact information: name,
address, phone number, and email address.

If you'd like to receive a couple of previous
issues as examples, please let us know.

Deadline: If you have been told which issue you
will appear in, we need your information at least
two months prior to publication of that issue.

We reserve the right to edit, although we expect a
polished, ready-to-print article from the author.

We use only the right to print your submitted
materials (including photos) in one issue which
will remain available as a backorder copy.
You are free to republish your materials elsewhere.

When your items are ready to submit,
please e-mail them to
Del Garrett at
Renee' La Viness at
We will be in touch within one week.

We look forward to your article.



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