Welcome to our website!  Plans are currently being made for our THIRTY YEAR class reunion.  Can you believe it has already been 30 years?  How has life been treating you?  Have you kept in touch with your classmates?

Join our class e-mail discussion list.  Re-connect with other classmates you've lost contact with and be one of the first to know when and where the class reunion will be held.  When you join, you can send one message to the list address and it automatically goes to everyone else on the list.  To join the list, send an e-mail to and ask to be added to the class list.  Make sure we know who you are.  This is a closed subscription list for classmates, only.  Thanks!  If you'd like to see the info page about our list, it is at

How many members are currently on the e-mail list?      12
Are you one of them?

As soon as the Reunion website is finished, we'll post a link here.

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